Leo’s Story

Leo & Francis

Picture of the mens on cannon
BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPH – Elizabeth castle at low tide. Seeing the large canon standing near the walls, my Dad said to us ‘jump up on that canon and I’ll take your photograph’ we got up, but my sandals were slippery because of the sandy surface we had been standing on so Francis and I had to hug each other to remain standing straight and Dad said to us ‘hold out your arms sideways like an aeroplane’ and he showed us what he meant by raising his arms. We managed to remain steady and he took the photograph with his box ‘Brownie’ camera.
COLOUR PHOTOGRAPH – After your screening Julie of Living with the Enemy in 2005 at the Jersey Arts Centre.  A gentleman approached me who was a  professional photographer and through meeting him we talked for a few moments and I introduced him to my older Brother Francis. The photographer was admiring the photograph in black and white of us standing on the canon. We joked about perhaps taking a photograph of us standing on a canon nearby, moments later, it was decided there and then that we should try this.
So we found a location similar to the one in black and white it was the Don Memorial in Parade Gardens. We tried to stand on the canon to copy the exact pose, but failed! We tried several times, standing on the step and hanging onto one another. We laughed a lot and decided it would be best to just stand alongside it, which we did. The photographer took the picture with his digital camera.
And now you can see the original black and white pose alongside the colour one!
LEO 22nd February 2020.