Julie Daly-Wallman

BAFTA film member Julie Daly-Wallman, a Jersey woman, pictured here on the left with her twin sister Lara, is the international producer behind the project. Julie has extensive feature film and television experience and worked on such films as “Divine Rapture” which starred Marlon Brando and was shot in Ireland, “Suicide Club” and “Disney’s Incredible Studio”. She has also worked with some of the most experienced film producers in the world, including Roger Corman of Concorde Horizons Corp USA and Ovidio Assonitis (Piranha). Julie was also involved in the setting up of the first fully digital TV company in the world (Orbit Sapienza SPA).

Award Winning – Julie produced  the 2002 award winning “The Crooked Mile”, a movie that has since performed in 60 film festivals around the world and which won an award at Tribeca, the New York film festival set up by Robert de Niro. It was the first film made outside the USA to win this award. Now released on video and DVD, it has been sold to a number of countries around the world.

Julie is currently producing a movie titled Genuine Fakes with actor Colin Morgan (The Crown, Merlin, Legend).