The Film

I believe everyone has a story, and that stories come from the heart and make the best scripts. No matter what our background is, rich or poor, we all have stories to tell. Green Eye Productions took this journey with people who lived through a very important part of our history. As a filmmaker I was honoured to meet some of the most down to earth and humble of people who lived through Jersey’s Channel Island Occupation 1940-1945, the bravest people I had the privilege of meeting and giving them their voice, a story I felt was not being told correctly and a story that had so many levels we as a society can learn from.  

To write a script you need not be afraid of the blank page but embrace it and your idea must have a beginning, middle and end. To tell it from the… Who is it? What is it about? Where did it take place? and Why do you feel compelled to tell it?

Once you can answer those points you are ready to start. Don’t worry if you are not good at spelling or your grammar is not correct, there are great people that can work on those parts with you. The part you need is a vision, and be a story teller. You need to feel the story in your heart and to tell it from your heart. Screenplay Living with the Enemy is underway and will hold the same principles and integrity that are in the documentary.