The Film Fund

The MarieAnthoine Film Fund
Philip Le Brocq came up with the idea of this name so I can’t take credit for that. He suggested we use the surname of my grandmother Nellina Florence Marie. My Jersey grandmother was someone I would go to visit every Sunday after church with my twin sister. She would cook the most amazing Sunday roast with all the trimmings. We would sit by the fire after lunch and take turns using her yellow toasting fork. With a large plate, we would pile up the luscious Jersey thickly cut bread that was toasted and together share the toast with layers of beautiful Jersey yellow butter, it was delicious.  My grandmother represents the “Film Fund” in so many levels in that she was humble, kind and yet put great disciplines in place for my sister and I, when in many ways, we did not get this growing up. The “Film Fund” is to produce great disciplines that will provide the film maker with a creative freedom, but at the same time understand that creativity is shared among all members of the crew from the top down and the bottom up.
Anthoine is the name of the late Jurat John Vint’s wife’s maiden name. I never met her personally but I heard she was an amazing woman and mother. Jurat John Vint was a great supporter of me, my vision and my work and I felt it correct her name is added to the “Film Fund”.
So the “Film Fund” is to support the local community of Jersey to make films and documentaries about our heritage, history, arts, culture and fauna on the Island of Jersey. Training and money will be offered to the film maker to allow the “Film Fund” to carry out the work it has already started to do, and is already doing.
Julie is at present, working with local talent in Jersey on two screenplays, including her own.